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" The restlessness and the desire for change are the flame that feeds our impulse to do it, in a concrete way, as a duo."

CIA DOISACORDES was born in mid-2019, when Thiago Souza (Brazil) and Roberto Willcock (Chile) met while studying at the ENC (National Circus School of Brazil). At the end of that year, they moved to Turin to take part in FLIC's 3rd artistic year, where they were able to start developing the company's first project: Cá entre nós. A project recognized as 'Laureates' by the European circus platform Circus Next. In order to structure the company in a setting consistent with their wishes, the artists moved to Barcelona in 2022.



Just between us

A poetic circus and  images are presented through the acrobatic inventiveness of two individuals who share the same space-time, and this coexistence requires a commitment to being present. It is in the 'here and now' that they find refuge to connect and reconnect through and as a function of knots. Knots which are ephemeral, provisional, temporary and threatening, but which also liberate and preserve individual autonomy and provide space for fantasies and secrets which are not always shared.

Tec. Info.:
60 minutes, non verbal


Dossier and technical rider available upon request

Authors and Interpreters: Thiago Souza and Roberto Willcock 

Dramaturgy: Jean-Michel Guy

Light designer: Gabriela Bianchi

Compositor: Jokubas Tulaba

Residencies supports: La central del Circ, Roca Umbert, C.IN.E, FRAC Fuenlabrada, Espace Périphérique, La Brèche Pôle National Cirque de Normandie - Cherbourg,  Bravo – Italian Circus on the Move, La Grainerie, UP!, Latitude 50, Centre de Création, Cirko Sapiens.


Co-production: Shortlisted circusnext 2023, project co- funded by the European Union.




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